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In the action film genre, just a few of the predecessors to FLED include The Defiant Ones, in which Sidney Poitier and Tony Curtis are convicts on the run, 48 Hrs., which teamed Nick Nolte and Eddie Murphy, and of course, Danny Glover and Mel Gibson in Lethal Weapon. And, although the projects that came before are held in high regard, everyone involved with FLED stepped off to create an action film with a style and attitude all its own.

„When I read the script for FLED, it presented opportunities to do an action piece with elements of humor that was also character oriented,“ says producer Frank Mancuso, Jr.

And for FLED director Kevin Hooks, the genre is one that has entertained him since childhood. „As a kid, most of the movies I went to see were action films,“ he says. „It has always been a vibrant and energetic genre that offers the opportunity for style beyond just straight dramatic storytelling. „Everything runs into something else with these guys,“ says Whitmore. These guys are on the run, on a train, in a tunnel, then jumping from a bridge. And just when you think Dodge and Piper are gonna be OK, they’re confronted with another challenge.“

Laurence Fishburne is Charles Piper, the no nonsense convict who finds himself handcuffed to fellow prison escapee Luke Dodge, a smart mouthed computer hacker played by Stephen Baldwin. Dodge is doing Federal time for using his computer to steal millions from a multi national corporation. His biggest mistake was the corporation he chose a front for a Cuban crime syndicate. And he doesn’t even know it.

Now the Cubans want their money and the disk. When Dodge ultimately learns the reason for Piper’s imprisonment, the revelation re ignites the simmering hostilities between the two.

FLED marks Fishburne’s action film debut. The actor, who earned an Oscar nomination for his seductive and malevolent portrayal of Ike Turner in What’s Love Got to Do With It?, was drawn to several aspects of tackling the role of Piper.

„This is very different from anything I’ve ever done before,“ Fishburne offers. „I consider myself more of a tragedian, after all, and this gave me the opportunity to mix action, drama and comedy. I was also attracted to the idea of working with Kevin Hooks and Stephen Baldwin. I thought the three of us could make something really exceptional out of the project.“

Baldwin, whose previous roles include the crime drama The Usual Suspects and the comedy Bio Dome, says he was particularly intrigued by the physical and emotional connection between Dodge and Piper.

„I liked that the characters were thrown together in a situation they can’t get out of because they’re handcuffed,“ he says. „Then, even when they’re able to separate physically, they’re emotionally inseparable because their lives are on the line. They have to work together and do their own detective work if they’re going to stay alive.“

When production on FLED began in Atlanta, Georgia in November of last year, Hooks, Fishburne and Baldwin established an immediate rapport.

Hooks and Fishburne have known each other since the two were young actors learning their craft at the Negro Ensemble Company, which was co founded by Hooks‘ father, Robert. In fact, the two often went up for the same parts, one of which included the film Apocalypse Now.

„I don’t have to tell you how that turned out,“ says Hooks with a chuckle. „It was about four years ago when we got in touch again and dedicated ourselves to trying to find a project to do together. When FLED came up, I asked Laurence about it and he said that it was a project he was willing to do. He has a tremendous physical presence in this role and comes off as a no nonsense type of guy. Those were qualities that made him perfect for the role of Piper.“

Hooks and Baldwin first worked together when the former directed several episodes of „The Young Riders,“ a television Western series in which Baldwin starred. With his knowledge of both actors and their work, Hooks knew that he had a dynamic screen pairing for FLED.

„Stephen’s also the kind of actor that can do it all, from the dramatic in The Usual Suspects to the zany kind of character in Bio Dome,
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“ says Hooks. „The chemistry works well between him and Laurence because they understand when to play the reality of the situation and when to go for the joke. It’s a delicate balance.“

FLED’s third key role went to actress Salma Hayek, the alluring and talented star of the films Desperado, opposite Antonio Banderas, and From Dusk Till Dawn with George Clooney.

In FLED, Hayek portrays Cora, a young woman whose heart and intuition prevent her from fearing the convicts who abruptly burst into her quiet and lonely life.

But after Cora assesses the situation and arrives two steps ahead of Dodge and Piper, their de facto „hostage“ becomes a valuable ally. It’s obvious that Piper and Cora have more than conversation in mind, and Dodge knows better than to object.

„Cora immediately connects to these two men in distress and is drawn into the adventure of it,“ says Hayek. „She’s not intimidated because she sees them as human beings and not as convicts. Besides, it’s in her nature to be nurturing, like a mother.“

Hayek’s portrayal of a woman whose savvy and humor earn the respect of two potentially dangerous men brought a refreshing perspective to the film, say those who worked with the actress.

„Salma has an energy about her that’s pretty palpable,“ says producer Frank Mancuso. „What’s important in a movie like this is that the woman has a presence and spirit that allows her to stand out from everything else.“

Adds Baldwin, „Laurence and I are playing two very masculine forces that are combatting one another, and then when you throw in someone with the raw sexuality that Cora has, you just don’t know what the heck’s going to happen next.“

Several recognizable veteran actors round out the main cast of FLED. Will Patton stars as Matthew Gibson, an Atlanta Police detective who may be justified in his suspicion of the Federal government’s pursuit of Piper and Dodge. Robert John Burke portrays Schiller, a Federal Marshall with a dubious understanding of justice. FLED also reunites actor Robert Hooks with his son, director Kevin Hooks, following their collaboration on the action film Passenger 57. Robert Hooks is Lt. Henry Clark, a by the book cop trying to keep the peace between Gibson and Schiller.

Michael Nader is Frank Mantajano, head of a Cuban crime family under indictment by the government, and Victor Rivers portrays Santiago, the ruthless killer dispatched by Mantajano to retrieve the computer disk in Dodge’s possession. David Dukes plays Chris Paine, the prosecutor with the Attorney General’s office who is in charge of the case against Mantajano and is counting on the evidence on the disk. Cameo appearances are also made by Taurean Blacque, RuPaul, and comedians Joe Torrey and Bill Bellamy.

Outside of Atlanta, locations for the filming of FLED were Miami, Florida, home to the Mantajano crime syndicate, and the Chattanooga Railroad Museum in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The museum provided the backdrop for one of FLED’s signature stunts, when a handcuffed Dodge and Piper jump from a railroad bridge and into a river to escape an oncoming train.

Within Atlanta itself, FLED’s locations included the Georgia Dome, the historic Fulton County Courthouse and the famed Stone Mountain memorial. Stone Mountain was the site of one of FLED’s most spectacular stunts, when Federal Marshall Schiller jumps from a helicopter and onto a gondola transporting Piper and Dodge to the top of a stone structure 800 feet above the ground.

Working on his first action role, Fishburne found the stunts to be a particular challenge. „I’ve never worked in a show that has been quite this stunt heavy,“ he says. „It’s new territory for me. The action was physically challenging, but not grueling. Besides, we had a great stunt team backing us up and I was grateful for that because I couldn’t imagine myself running from a train, jumping off a bridge or riding a motorcycle any faster than 65 miles per hour!“

The stunts were masterminded by stunt coordinator John Meier, who had done similar duty on such films as Eraser, Virtuosity and Copycat.

„The most important thing you can do with your stunt coordinator is communicate to him what you’re trying to do, and then let him play with the elements that he has available to him,“ says Mancuso. „It’s inevitable that the actors would end up with some bumps and bruises because of the physicality of the piece,
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but John had a large say in how we executed this material because we were all responsible for the safety of everybody involved.“